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Flexibility in scheduling

Schedule Flexibly

Vozo's telemedicine solution streamlines the whole scheduling process, making it easier for patients, physicians, and clinics. With Vozo patients can schedule flexible telemedicine appointments from their comfort place. Doctors can confirm, cancel, or re-schedule telemedicine appointments easily based on their availability.

Payments Made Easier

Get paid for your telemedicine visits much faster than ever. Vozo telemedicine solutions allow you to collect payments directly from patients during their appointments or in the virtual waiting room. Telemedicine with integrated EHR will be the right choice for faster payments & improved cash flow.

Faster & easier payments
Better client engagement & satisfcation

Better Client Engagement

Create clinical notes about your patient's best telemedicine sessions to including care plans, appointment follow-ups, and invoices. You can create and share advanced reporting with your patients via email – including the summary of the telemedicine visit for better medication adherence. With Vozo, patients can also have better access to their medical records.

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