Simplifying Life with Chronic Health Needs

Take charge of your chronic conditions through personalized care plans, seamless communication with care teams, and valuable insights for better self-management.


Manage Your Chronic Health Condition with a Suite of Digital Health Tech

Vozo CCM Solution has a vast range of digital tech solutions that help you to effectively manage your chronic health conditions anywhere, anytime.

Eliminate the need for in-person visits every time. Vozo’s telehealth solution allows you to meet with your care teams or providers via high-quality video calls or phone calls remotely.
Remote Patient Monitoring
Our Remote Patient Monitoring Solution lets your care team keep monitoring your vital signs using medical devices without you having to go anywhere.
Patient Engagement
Empowering you with educational resources and tailored support to take an active role in your care journey, fostering better self-management and improved outcomes.

Addressing All Your Challenges with Our CCM Solution

As a healthcare provider, you might have various challenges like treatment adherence, health gaps, progress tracking issues, and more. Vozo brings a complete CCM Solution that addresses all your challenges by providing

Better Care Convenience
Data Analytics Tracking
Telehealth Virtual Visits

Actively Involve in Your Chronic Care Management Journey

Our CCM Solution offers a suite of tools and features that engage you to be actively involved in managing your chronic illness and better health outcomes.

Using our CCM solution, you can:

  • Gain access to comprehensive medical records instantly from anywhere
  • Patient Portal App that engages you to stay connected with your care team
  • Receive automated notifications through SMS, emails, or phones for medication

Vozo’s Chronic Care Management Solution Benefits for Both

We empower providers and patients with comprehensive CCM Solutions that streamline and manage chronic disease, reduce clinical costs, and promote care coordination.


Our CCM Solution Benefits For Providers

Vozo chronic care management solution helps you (as a provider) to streamline patient monitoring, enhance care coordination, and optimize treatment plans.

  • Facilitate remote patient monitoring
  • Improve care team collaboration
  • Provide data-driven insights
  • Enhance patient engagement

Our CCM Solution Benefits For Patients

With the help of continuous remote care via various communication channels like text messaging, phone, video calls, and monitoring of health vitals, patients can

  • Gain access to personalized care
  • Manage your chronic conditions effectively
  • Actively involve and engage in your care
  • Avoid ER visits and hospitalizations

Take the First Step Towards Better Chronic Care

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