Health Tracking

Track your patient's healthcare reading quickly with our chronic care management solutions. Let patients manage their chronic illness by viewing their care plans through Vozo CCM dashboards. Also, your patients can easily share health data via advanced health monitoring device integration features.

Better health tracking
Advanced RCM services

End-to-End RCM

With Vozo CCM solutions, you can uncover the key benefits to maximize your practice revenue collection. We get you covered with a full suite of RCM services, implementation support for revenue cycle success, payment posting, insurance follow-up, and financial reporting.

Scalable and Cost-saving Solutions

With Vozo, your large medical practice needs to spend only a minimum cost as there are no complex, extra upgrades, and no additional IT infrastructure needed. Our cost-effective chronic care management and EHR system will simplify your workflow with a customized, specialty-specific experience for each physician within your organization.

Cost-saving and budget friendly
24/7 training & support

Training and Support

Vozo dedicated implementation managers will be assigned to you to ensure your implementation process is fast, secure, easy, and stress-free. You will have go-live support from trained medical professionals who have years of experience in health IT who can help you in delivering the best CCM solutions.

Your Practice's All-in-One Solution

Streamline both the clinical and financial operations of your healthcare organizations by enabling the best CCM solutions. Here, your billing and other administrative functions are centralized for hassle-free management. Your patients can easily access healthcare systems to track appointments and test results.

one solution for the entire practice

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