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EHR customization


We customize EHR systems to meet the needs of your practice much better. Vozo EHR system provides a more intuitive experience with a customizable dashboard, advanced reporting, auto-prescription refill that drives better medical outcomes.

A Life Outside of

Achieving a good work-life balance is not so easy for health experts. Vozo EHR gets faster and smarter as you use it and help you to finish your day earlier. So, taking care of your patients and spending more time with your family is possible now.

EHR facilitates work-life balance

Unified practice management


Organize your patient information smartly before, during & after the visit. Vozo's unified practice management system helps you with better task management, flexible medical billing, and easy scheduling. Feel relaxed – you’ll get complete support from the Vozo team for customized PM implementation.

Effective Note Taking and

Capturing and processing accounting information, billing data and medication details are now possible with Vozo EHR note-taking. You can easily create progress notes & prescribe medication just in a single window. Effectively capture your patient visit and reduce the time you spend charting.

Easy capturing and charting

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