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E-Prescribing Management




Vozo EHRs E-prescribing feature streamlines medication management.

With Vozo E-Prescribing, you can electronically send prescriptions to pharmacies, minimizing errors and optimizing workflow for patient safety.

  Drug Interaction
  Medication History
  Formulatory Compliance
  Prescription Renewals

Additional E-Prescribing Capabilities for Added Benefits

Medication monitoring
Duplication alerts
Dosage optimization
Customizable templates

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we offer 14 days free trial so that you can experience Vozo EHR firsthand and see how it can benefit your practice

During the 14-day free trial, you can access and utilize all available features and functions of Vozo EHR without any limitations.

We provide a 10% for annual subscription and this discount is applicable for all plans.

Yes,Vozo EHR is HIPAA compliant.

Vozo Care Team will provide ongoing support and training to all of our electronic health record (EHR) users at no additional cost.

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