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Vozo EHR dashboard easily creates visuals that help you and your patient better understand his/her health status. Providers can enter and view patient-related information including medications, ordering lab tests, radiology tests, and procedures with ease.

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Let your patients have easy access to forms and health information, offer timely appointment scheduling, and keep wait times down. With online data collection, patients can use their device of choice to share health history data and manage appointments quickly.

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Our mission is to make a difference by delivering high-quality healthIT solutions to our customers and to make them feel satisfied with our trustworthy service. We focus on delivering the healthcare solutions right from medical billing to the patient portal as per the needs and requirements of healthcare providers.

Care Plan

Vozo EHR helps healthcare providers and staff members to easily document a patient care plan for each patient visit, complete and sign at patient discharge. Our care plans utilize interoperability standards so have the right potential to improve care management for patients across different healthcare settings.

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