End to End RCM

VOZO Medical Billing Service is an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution for large practice with advanced technology and operational excellence to take your billing operations forward.

Our trained expert staff will take care of your entire billing process including denial management, claim submission, AR follow-up, payment posting, and reporting cost-effectively.

Automated charge capture, timely payment posting, seamless AR management, and payment plans can be incorporated while customizing medical billing solutions.

Our developers create custom RCM software and integrate it with related medical software systems to enable faster, smoother payment cycles for healthcare providers.

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EHR Customization

We are one of the leading open-source EMR/ EHR vendors to provide the best and secure EHR customization, and implementation services.

VOZO EHR customization solutions help in standardizing and exchanging patient health information for healthcare organizations in an effective manner.

Instead of making adjustments, VOZO helps you to make your practice needs accurately fit with the open-source EMR/ EHR through customizations.

We help you to promote and scale interoperability for greater access to clinical data by patients and payers.

Secure patient portal

VOZO patient portal helps your patients to securely schedule appointments with their physicians, receive test results, pay online, requesting Rx refills, insurance check with effective patient portal features.

VOZO patient portal can be accessed via secure login. It allows your practice and patients to exchange health record information securely and in full compliance with HIPAA.

The patient portal software not only protects patient records but also maintain the physician notes with ultimate security – your patients won’t have access to the provider-created notes.

High data security
Manageable cost scaling

Scalable and cost-saving solutions

With VOZO, your large medical practice needs to spend only a minimum cost as there are no complex, extra upgrades, and no additional IT infrastructure needed.

Our cost-effective EHR and practice management system will simplify your workflow with a customized, specialty-specific experience for each physician within your organization.

With VOZO, your billing and other administrative functions are centralized for hassle-free management.

FAST Track Implementation, Training & Support

VOZO dedicated implementation managers will be assigned to you to ensure your implementation process is fast, secure, easy, and stress-free.

With VOZO, you will have go-live support from trained medical professionals who have years of experience in health IT can help you avoid common go-live pitfalls

We guide you with the advantages of EHR for your practice smooth workflow by delivering the best solutions for your business challenges

We offer expert-level EHR training and 24/7 EHR support that will quickly help you and your employees to make the maximum benefit from the EHR system

Good training and support

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