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Appointment Scheduling Billing E-prescribing Patient Engagement Reports and Analytics Forms

Effortlessly Manage Patient Appointments

With Vozo’s intuitive appointment scheduling system, you can easily manage and schedule patient appointments in just a few clicks. Additionally, our automated reminder system will send text messages to patients, eliminating no-shows.

Appointment scheduling

Hassle-Free Medical Billing Solution

Medical billing is frustrating! Understanding the complexity of medical billing, we have a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify your medical billing process. Enable efficient invoicing, payment tracking, and revenue management.


Secure and Streamlined Prescriptions

Vozo EHR has in-built e-prescribing capabilities that provide a secure way to manage medication orders. Featuring real-time drug interaction checks and direct integration with pharmacies, our solution helps to improve patient safety and enhance overall care quality.


Empowering Patient-Centric Healthcare

Utilizing our built-in tools like secure communication channels, appointment management, and access to medical records, patients can be actively involved in their healthcare journey.

patient engagement

Data-Driven Practice Optimization

From customizable dashboards to in-depth performance metrics, our comprehensive solution helps you optimize operations, identify areas for improvement, and deliver better patient outcomes.


Better Digital Documentation Management

With Vozo EHR’s built-in form module, providers streamline the collection and management of patient data. Easily create and customize digital forms, ensuring a seamless experience for both patients and staff.


EHR to your needs

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Automate and transform your practice operations effortlessly with Vozo cloud-based EHR software – to deliver the highest quality of care possible to your patients.

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Enjoy integrated medical billing solutions by automating your invoicing & payment collection with easy-to-use dashboards configured specifically to the user's workflows.

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Simplify the administrative process, engage your patients and integrate every aspect of your practice into one comprehensive ecosystem with the best PM software.

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A full suite of RCM software helps healthcare practices to streamline billing operations via automation, medical claim management, and boost practice revenue.

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Fulfill the unique needs of healthcare practices of all sizes with quick appointment scheduling, timely appointment reminders, seamless e-prescribing, and online bill pay.

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Connect virtually with your patients 24/7. Our telehealth software provides easy one-click access to safe and secure telehealth visits with consent forms and quick scheduling.

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A One Solution For

Behavioral Health

Make your practice more efficient and productive with behavioral health EHR.


Simplify your administrative and financial tasks with the best Psychiatry EHR software.

Family Practice

Collect, analyze & generate timely reports with our all-in-one family practice EHR.


Improve diagnosis with our dermatology EHR software integrated with the imaging module.


Use our pre-built medical forms & customize them based on your practice needs.

Urgent Care

Streamline your lab ordering process with Vozo lab integration features.

Pain Management

Provide the most accurate diagnoses and quicker treatment for your patients with Vozo EHR.


Make use of our readily available treatment plans for the most common orthopedic problems.

Trusted By Thousands of Practices

"As a busy healthcare provider, I appreciate the efficiency and accuracy that Vozo EHR product brings to my daily routine. It's a game-changer in terms of organization and accessibility of patient information."

Dr. Michael Rodriguez
"Vozo EHR product has exceeded my expectations. Its robust features, customizable templates, and seamless integration with other medical software have made my life as a healthcare professional much easier."

Dr. David Lee
"As a physician in a busy practice, time is of the essence. This EHR solution has been a game-changer, allowing me to access patient records quickly and efficiently, while also ensuring accurate and comprehensive documentation."

Dr. Jessica Taylor

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